My name is Jack Sheffield, I started FeelAliveAgri late 2017 with an aim to create a brand aimed at young people in agriculture which is affordable yet stylish. A brand which can be worn on the farm, in the field, in the tractor, at the shows, wherever you want.


Having been in farming all my life, growing up and still working on the family farm in Sussex (South East of England)  attending agricultural college, working in different UK counties and down under in Australia, I'm no stranger to the farming way of life but I saw there was something the people of the farming community needed and wanted! With social media being a massive part of life and even more so agriculture nowadays it gave launching the brand a helping hand!

A lot of people like to say 'Living The Dream' as farming is a lifestyle and not a job! At FeelAliveAgri, we believe in our motto -

Power Your Passion. Live Your Dream.  


The saying 'feel alive' came around a few years ago, it originated one harvest with a group of mates, I was driving a 7530 at the time one day I came up with the saying 'feel alive in the 75' this became a joke between us and then it spread further through the use of such social media platforms like facebook and snapchat, then on instagram it became #feelaliveinthe75. The hashtag caught on massively and one day I decided to get lots of decals saying so which proved very popular, then I decided to create this! FeelAliveAgri! A brand designed for people with a true passion of farming that represents their lifestyle of hard work and partying or generally having a blast at college with friends or out at Young Farmer clubs. 

FeelAliveAgri isn't just for those who like green machines with yellow wheels, its a brand to be enjoyed and worn by all.



I would like to thank you for visiting www.feelaliveagri.co.uk. and spending your time reading this.

I hope you enjoy browsing the website and any potential purchases you make.



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Above: Photos taken this summer gone from on the farm, see more on our Instagram!


Above: A recent visit from Hailsham YFC on the farm