Who Are We?

My name is Jack Sheffield, I started FeelAliveAgri late 2017 with an aim to create a brand aimed at young people in agriculture which is affordable yet stylish. A brand which can be worn on the farm, in the field, in the tractor, at the shows, wherever you want.


Having been in farming all my life, growing up on a farm in Sussex (South East of England)  attending agricultural college, working in different UK counties and down under in Australia, I'm no stranger to the farming way of life but I saw there was something the people of the farming community needed and wanted! With social media being a massive part of life and even more so agriculture nowadays it gave launching the brand a helping hand!

A lot of people like to say 'Living The Dream' as farming is a lifestyle and not a job! At FeelAliveAgri, we believe in our motto -

Power Your Passion. Live Your Dream.  

What Does It Mean?

The saying 'feel alive' came around a few years ago, it originated one harvest with a group of mates, I was driving a 7530 at the time one day I came up with the saying 'feel alive in the 75' this became a joke between us and then it spread further through the use of such social media platforms like facebook and snapchat, then on instagram it became #feelaliveinthe75. The hashtag caught on massively and one day I decided to get lots of decals saying so which proved very popular, then I decided to create this! FeelAliveAgri! 

FeelAliveAgri isn't just for those who like green machines with yellow wheels, its a brand to be enjoyed and worn by all.


I would like to thank you for visiting www.feelaliveagri.co.uk. and spending your time reading this.

I hope you enjoy browsing the website and any potential purchases you make.


Jack Sheffield

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