Introducing our new and eagerly anticipated sunstrip kit!


WARNING! This kit is not for the faint hearted ( See Instructions below) 


The sunstrip is Matt Black 1400mm long that will need to be trimmed once applied and the logo is 850mm which is fitted after the sunstrip is applied.


Logos are available in a range of colours in either Gloss or Matt finish.


This is the perfect addition to your car or 4x4!


Instructions included!


FREE P&P! (U.K Only)



  • Window cleaner and a microfibre cloth.
  • Soapy water in a bowl with a cloth or spray bottle.
  • A squeegee type tool or a credit card which you can use within a microfibre cloth.
  • A tape measure and masking tape/pen (advised to ensure you get it dead central.
  • A Stanley style blade/knife 
  • A 2nd pair of hands is always helpful


DO NOT apply in extreme temperatures. Very hot or cold vinyl can make it brittle. Make sure the vinyl is room temperature before applying.


Step 1: Clean the window with window cleaner and a cloth and ensure its nice and clean and there is no dirt or residue on the glass.


Step 2: It is advised to offer up the sunstrip to the window before taking off any application tape and measure the ends to ensure it’s equal, you can always mark with a pen or masking tape.


Step 3: Spray or wipe the window with soapy water, don’t be afraid to soak it!


Step 4: Peel off the application tape (another pair of hands always helps) and apply it to the windscreen.


Step 5: The sunstrip should be able to move around on the soapy water, you can now position it and squeeze out the water.


Step 6: You can start carefully cutting around the edge and cut off excess vinyl, after doing so you may want to squeeze around the edges again.


Step 7: Clean the sunstrip with window cleaner to remove soapy residue.


Step 8: Apply the FeelAliveAgri decal on the strip (Refer to the decal application instructions included)


Step 9: Jobs a good one! Well done, Enjoy!


FEELALIVEAGRI Matt Black External Universal Sunstrip Kit

Logo Colour
Logo Finish

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